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About The SoulKadi Project!

The SoulKadi Project is about providing positive thoughts to your mind through day-to-day life experiences. The word Soulkadi refers to a traditional maharashtrian food item which is very close to my heart. As a child it made me instantly happy whenever I was sad, so it was in a way comfort food for me. As I grew up, the simple worries of childhood were replaced by the problems of the real world and the solution to those wasn’t as simple as having a bowl of my favourite childhood remedy. During the lockdown of 2020, I got a chance to look back at events in my life and how my reactions to those changed over time. In hindsight, I feel each of those events was equally important to push me in the direction of where I am in my life right now. However, at the time when those events actually happened, I was completely riled up and only time could sooth me.

Very often while complaining about things which are not going according to our plan, we actually forget to count our blessings. The SoulKadi project is an effort to give you that perspective which would help you see good in bad, blessing in disguise and hold on to things which actually matter in life.

I am not a philosopher and won’t be writing a serious posts on how to improve the quality of life etc. Because I strongly believe that the solution to the most of our problems is as simple as assuring your heart that ‘All is Well’!

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